GPP Street Team: Crusade 22 ~ Pay it Forward

Crusade 22

It was day four before I lost my mind.

Earlier this month, my husband, daughter and I headed up to his parent's house for 9 days. A firm believer in "Guests are like fish; they both spoil after 3 days", I knew this was going to be difficult. If I had it my way, I would probably never travel again. But I had to.

I didn't bring anything with me to work Rebel to play with. Just a couple of books that were finished on the second day. Everyone was busy putting together the final wedding preparations except for my niece (12), daughter (2) and I. What to do?

I asked my niece if she knew what an "art journal" was. She said no. (The horror.) I asked her some questions about what supplies they may have on hand in the house (we're on a strict budget following all the move/remodel expense, so I knew I had to stretch the dollars)..the outlook was grim. Nothing. I weighed the prospect in my head for a few minutes and then asked, "Want to make an art book?" She said "Sure!" We took the car and headed into town.

We found watercolor paper pads, student grade water color paints, and pens at a local art store. We then went to Michael's and bought 5 pages of scrapbook paper, glue, charcoal and some rub-ons and then headed home.

Work table

It was hard for me to digest that a 12 year old not exposed to art outside of the classroom may not ever revisit the art book again. Equally difficult was the fact that she may not think it is fun...or that she may rush through it without following my direction. It should have been easy for me to understand that this was HER art book...not mine. I couldn't stop thinking about the $60 it cost to start us up on this escapade. Then we started to paint.

Her pages

She liked it! She had a great time and was really interested in all the steps it took to make the book! I started to relax. While I was teaching her about journaling, she was teaching me a lot of things too! Things an adult should already know, I am embarassed to say.

Cut and paste

Finished pages

So for two days, we skipped tween programming and worked on the books....

Chronicle cover

Our Duct Tape chronicles were born! A pact was made to make new editions every year. The best part? Relatives and guests were in town...they liked the book too and I noticed a spark of book envy in some of the young girls eyes...a seed planted? Journaler's of the future...


I'm totally bringing more supplies with me next time...

So the kindness given my way from all of my blog readers who appreciate the artwork and offer continued words of support to me...I live for it- every day...I like to think that I repaid the debt by hopefully planting the journaling seed of the future! I always hope that at least one person who stops by will pick up a pad and a brush and get started; it's one of the greatest loves of my life!

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