My family and I headed up near Seattle last week for a wedding... I did not bring my camera. Big mistake. I was fixated on the fact that if I would have tried to bring it onto an airplane, it would have surely broke. Consequently, I was stuck with my point and shoot- missing out on a lot of high speed shots and low light situations the little guy could not handle.

Up in the tree

Near the beach, there were tons of little yellow chested sparrow type birds that were quite the fancy fliers.

From the beach

Cool temperatures and cloudy skies reigned...much different than the weather back home.

Otter on raft

A family of otters came to visit almost every night...

On the hunt

My niece and I on the hunt for treasure at low tide...a couple of rusty objects found; and a lot of shells.

Seagrass copy  

Grass on the beach..


The nights were mostly chilly...very unexpected!

Party lights

Setting the stage for the big day in the backyard...


But the clouds threatened....

Rainbow over tent

Just minutes before the ceremony, the rain let up and even though the chairs were moved into the tent, the bride and her party were able to make it inside without umbrellas. Mother nature helped out the rest of the night and we danced away! (Although chilly...we had to wear out jackets on top of our beach attire!)

Dancing kate