Construction- not so much.


Come on in! Work at Casa de Luggage continues all around...things are not finished, but I can show you some highlights. (Not the highlights in my hair...which have become grossly neglected.) Up there, those are the front doors. One of the few upgrades put in by the previous owner. Our house was built in 1962, we are the second family to live here. I grew up in this neighborhood; my parents live down the street.


I want to make pie. I bake a lot...but I've never really become good with dough. Once our appliances arrive (If you see a semi-truck speeding my way, please pull to the side of the road), I plan to bake up several recipes! (We've been waiting several tired of eating Hot Pockets!) I did not change anything other than the appliances and the flooring in the kitchen. There appears to have been some sort of mini-makeover that took place within the last 5 years.

Kitchen floor

I spent way too much time picking tile for this remodel. In fact, I picked tile 4 times before the tile was actually delivered. After picking each round of tile, the tile place would come back and tell me that the tile would not be in stock until the fall. Ugh...needless to say, I won't do business with that flooring company ever again. My contractor and I found a new supplier and were able to get the final set of tile delivered on time.

Kates bathroom vanity

Our bathrooms are not done...but since I received so many comments on my inspiration pictures, I thought I would share some of my favorite elements. The vanity pictured above is in our guest bath (AKA the Carry-On's bathroom.) I picked limestone tile for the floor...not my first choice, but I like how it turned out.


Have you seen that Kohler commercial where a nicely dressed couple is shown sitting in the architect's office and the woman takes a faucet out of her handbag and tells the architect to design a bathroom around it? That's how I feel about my bathroom faucet. That bad boy was listed for a gross amount of money...but I am really excited to say I scored big time by shopping on!


Tile for my bathroom floor...I think it will be nice to take a shower in there one day. The shower door is on order..for now, we all share the guest bathtub.


Here's my shower tile. I am really happy how this turned out too...we were able to add in a few of the fancy glass tiles that were in my inspiration pictures. Boy am I glad I found those pictures...thank you HGTV!


Are you still here? I saved the best for last. The previous homeowner was a champion miniature boat builder (I think..I am not sure what scale or type.) Check out one (there are TWO!) of his workbenches in our garage! I don't even need to re-label the drawers- almost all of our supplies are the same (well, except for "fuel tanks") and I am keeping it as is. I am in LOVE with my new outdoor space..perfect for spray painting, soldering and assemblage! Hooray!

My art studio is not built yet, I can come back hopefully on August 1st with the indoor art space pictures. We're still amidst a slew of boxes and junk...but things are getting back to normal. I had to write this post today to shake off a little of my blog withdrawals....I'll try and come back again in a few more days with some more updates...thank you for coming by to see the progress!