It's grand-re-opening eve!

From the inbox:


Hi Julie,

I happened to come across your site and I actually have one that’s very similar about Luggage Repair and I thought it would be beneficial for us to do a blogroll link exchange. You can check it out at http://arealluggagesite.

Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put your link up right away.


Mr. X


Dear Mr. X,

We at Luggage Enterprises appreciate you taking the time to contact us. However, if you would have taken the time to browse our site, you would quickly come to realize it has nothing to do with luggage as something you pack for vacation. We are unable to fulfill your request at this time.


J. Prichard, CEO


I get these emails along with desperate emails from people trying to figure out how to take legal action against airlines, find their lost luggage, etc from time to time. Of course, the link was removed by yours truly and the name changed to protect the innocent. Maybe I should change my own name too....


Rubber stamp garage sale kicks off tomorrow at 8am my time...and the art will be back too! See you then!