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Another month means another GPP Street Team Crusade! You can check out the beautiful tutorial and details for this month's crusade by clicking here. Don't forget; anyone can join in on the crusades!

Clover CU3


The Crusade is to make a wax resist using crayon and then to embellish it with paint. For my resist, I wrapped paper around some glasses I have had for a while. The pattern of the glasses is called "Clover" and it is one of my favorites from the "old job".


I made three pieces. Two with red crayon and one with white. I think the white one was my favorite. I painted some interference paint on top of it to spice it up a bit.

Clover CU1

This shot is with the camera flash to show the special effect paint...see that glimmer of purple near my signature? Love it. You can really see that purple flash when you turn the paper in the light!


Here is the white paper thrown into the 6x6 mini-journal. I had to escape the back pain and contractor pain today and play along.... Thanks, Michelle!