Yes, there will be prizes...and a garage sale!


Not my tile....but I wish it was.

It's time to call it a day here. We're moving in 6 days. I'm sick to my stomach that things won't be finished. I was listening to the people who insist on using the instersection immediately outisde the apartment as the starting line to their illegal drag racing last night and I can safely say that I pretty much don't care what condition the house is in next Saturday. At last it will be quiet! (Until the pool jackhammering starts...)

So stay tuned my friends. Put the Land of Lost Luggage in your feed list.. When I come back, there will be a blog giveaway (one of the prizes will be a brand new set of these beauties!) and for all you rubber stampers...a HUGE stamp garage sale! How does 10 wood mounted stamps for $20 sound? I am pretty sure that I will be setting up the stamps in lots of 10 and putting them in my etsy shop. No auctions...first come first serve.

I'll miss you all while I am gone...and I am not sure when I will be back..I also don't want to set a date and have to rush myself crazy into getting the contest up. So...set up the feed- here is a tutorial on how to do it if you have been waiting for the right moment.

See you on the other side! Stay cool, San Diego.