When will there be art art?


Hi. This picture has nothing to do with my post; I only put it here so you would have something nice to look at.

The agonizing chore of picking the right paint color for the house has ended. The winner is: Behr, "Sandstone Cove"...a close second was Frazee's "Plumb Absence Black" which is only a color an artist would understand...as well as "Eddie" who was standing by to confirm my inner voice that was saying, "You're right, Julie...there is a hint of purple in there." The color will fit in with the new bathrooms...the new floors..everything. It is neutral without looking like builder's beige. I am happy with it.

The last house had some color in it, but I decided to keep this house uniform at the get go in hopes of being able to showcase some of the art/glass I have collected....all which has been packed away for oh so long...over one year!

All of the major stuff is ordered and in the garage or in route...some things will not be ready for several more weeks but I am really excited to be on the 10 day to moving count down! 

More good news arrived today as the pool dudes had an opening in their schedule and they can start our job earlier than expected! Now only if I can get the lawn to come back...... (Since the house was vacant so long, the lush landscaping we saw 6 months ago is gone...but it's the least of my worries at the moment.)

It's a long journey and very stressful....(I've lost 6 pounds since escrow closed) but I wouldn't give up any of this for settling on a house with less work. We love the house and are so excited! Thanks for reading along on my journey...now when can you come over to help paint?