There was light at the end after all..

I am a quick decision maker. I tried on one wedding dress. I tried on one engagement ring. I never enter the fitting room with mountains of clothes. In my head, I always have already decided what I want before I make it into the marketplace.

Having said that, I was really stressing out wondering why it was taking me so long to find bathroom furniture... Well over 2 weeks of beating up cyberspace and burning up gas. And then I met Steve.

On recommendation from a family friend, I went to a small kitchen and bath showroom and was greeted by Steve. Now, keep in mind that by the time I met Steve, I had a permanent twitch, dark circles under my eyes and hair that resembled a wasps nest..I was really strung out. Here I was, demolition underway, a move in date set, and NOTHING to build these bathrooms into. I was in a pure state of swivel.

I crawled into the showroom with my "house journal" and budget. I showed Steve these pictures from HGTV for inspiration:




We went through several books for about 2 hours. We talked about my likes and dislikes (why is America obsessed with granitification of their entire living space? Why does everything have to be built-in?) During one part of the conversation, Steve asked me if I wanted a 5' or a 6' soaking tub. I told him that I have the space for the 6 footer, but I was concerned about how much water and how long it would take to fill it. Would you believe that Steve knew the fancy mathematical answer for this question IN HIS HEAD? Crimany..did I luck out. (I went with the 5 footer.)

The orders are being placed tomorrow morning and thankfully, this stressful part of the plan is over with. It was the hardest part by far...after all, this isn't cheap, and whatever you pick ends up being cemented into place for eternity. Man was I a mess last week as the demo date drew near.

This process totally ate up all of my thinking and "art" time last week, so I thought I would share it here with you rather than leave the blog blank. I'll show pictures once everything is finished. Thanks for coming by today!