My second journal "The Living Room" is practically finished. I've painted and collaged every page and I only have about three pages left to add a few layers and pen to. I used spray paint and a few stencils on this you like my new zebra skin stencil? Wonder what it would be like if there were pink zebras running around.

A couple of my regular reads mentioned some pretty interesting topics within the last few days. I just want to mention how refreshing it is to see opinions other than the "norm" float through blog land. I usually don't have a problem speaking my mind...but what makes me anxiety ridden is what people will think if my opinions don't match their own.

I think the same sentiment pretty much applies to art as well. I feel relieved when I see a new idea or project float around the web...invigorating. It makes me happy to see people push the limits of their art supplies to make something great.

But lately, I have been feeling a bit "flat". I am finding less exciting material to read, look at, absorb.

I'm curious to know your thoughts. Whats the buzz? Is art changing? The trends? Maybe my own personal alignment is off and I'll rebound in a couple of weeks. Ha! Let's hear it..I can take it- if you think I'm crazy, let me know.