ode to the alphabet



How important is your handwriting? It is your signature, it is your emotion, it is your own, unique piece of art. During recent experimentation with my own handwriting, I have started to develop this new cursive style I like...a change from my more commonly used serial killer printing..it is a work in progress. The printing comes so natural for me... my "art cursive" if you will, does not. I have to write slowly, and concentrate on what I am doing. It's difficult.

I am going to keep practicing. Inspired by Kathy's handwriting and art by Yves Leterme. I've never really given my handwriting this much thought...but since I don't consider myself a drawer, I better figure out something to fit onto these pages!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, amigos! Hasta manana! Muchas gracias para su visita~