There was a lot of "blatter" (my new coined phrase for 'blog chatter'; follows "blurfing", the recognized term for 'blog surfing') recently for this book. Me oh my; I am going to read it tonight, but the illustrations alone are mesmerizing! So happy I ordered it! People who know me well know that I don't normally read books. I recently came across a dilemma that changed everything though....what to buy for treats when you already own everything from every art supply store within a 70 mile radius? Books. I ordered two this month. (Stop's a start...and when I told you I did not know how to read, I was only kidding.) The second book I ordered is here. I can't wait for it to show up on the porch!

So, what else....oh- tile, paint and furniture shopping is exhausting. Escrow is exhausting...I need a vacation, but now the work has begun! I'll rest in a couple of months I guess. Thanks for the emails about my's still sore, but no where near as painful as it was at the start of this escapade.

I have been's the cover of the new 6x6 book and a recent page:

Journal cover


The onion

The onion will make you cry. The Lost Luggage first page without acrylic paint! I like it! Hope you all have a nice weekend; I'll see you again soon!