Introducing "Birdie"

This is the 5th, quiet member of our family, "Birdie". Here he is enjoying a cup of tea (He knows he is drinking from the creamer.)

Birdie 1

Birdie gets around a lot. He is my daughter's constant companion. He comes along into the grocery store, Costco, the the car he wears his own sealtbelt. Most recently, he has been enjoying trips to the escrow office, where everyone knows his name. When he gets there, my daughter places him in a chair and places candy at his feet so he can have a snack. Afterall, flying makes you hungry...

Birdie 3 copy

He usually doesn't like the extra attention, but he agreed to help me out with some photography experiments recently.

Birdie4 copy

My daughter didn't mind either. She told Birdie to sit still.