It hit me Saturday at Anna PH and Steve-O's house-warming. The best part about making art is not how I feel while I make it, but how happy it makes people.

Anna and Steve-O had a house-warming party last weekend and I was late because I booked a Chris Cozen painting class that day. Chris is awesome, you already know I love her, so I won't gush...during this class we made 3 12x12 paintings on gallery canvas. The basis of the paintings was that they used black as the base coat. Black underneath the paint creates the most amazing richness...Chris explains the process in her recently published book-which I have read 23 times. If you don't have a copy, you should. You can order it here. Don't be fooled by the low page count- the information is well written, without unnecessary jibber-jabber: pure, valuable, technique.


I wasn't planning to give this canvas to the happy couple while I made it. But on the official house-warming tour, I realized how awesome it matched their decor and I rushed to the car to get it. (yes, I rushed, paint-covered, straight from the class to the party- man, my friends are cool!) Initially I thought to add additional embellishment to the painting, but I really love it at this stage, and I was so happy that Steve-O and Anna hung it while I watched!

Oh, see that little canvas on the wall in the background? I made that one too. Thanks Anna and Steve-O: You guys are the best!

PS- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...a canvas! Boy it felt good to be working outside of my journal for a change!