I had a really nice, low-key birthday yesterday!   I started off the day with a 50 minute power walk around the lake to prepare myself to eat this later that night.


My husband told me I could have whatever I wanted, but if you know me, you know I love this local restaurant. Nothing special...just relaxing dinner in a low lit mexican restaurant. The three of us. Fabulous. I had a slice of chocolate cake in the afternoon at my parent's house, but that's about it!


I managed to make you a free background...hope you like it!


And I managed the second to last page in the "Living Room". The rest of the day was pretty great! My friends Olivia and Manny sent me a really great tote bag and some gift certificates to Paper Source...Laura sent me a handmade card and cool little notebook to practice lettering in...I also got a big box of flea market treasures from my friend Michael, a couple of books off Amazon and a house. No biggie.

A HOUSE!! YEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW! I am moving into the neighborhood I grew up in. I have been under so much stress for the last 100 days or so waiting for this deal to become a reality and now it is happening! We'll have a quick escrow (as quick as they can process our paperwork) followed with a pretty extensive remodel...I'll be designing my new studio from the ground up. I can't wait! We think we'll probably move in around July 4th....we have not had an inspection yet, so keep your fingers crossed that we didn't buy the money-pit.

So now the fun whirlwinds of Mother's Day and Day of Julie are over and it's back to nomal around here. Thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday! It was really fun to read all of your emails and I appreciate them so much!!