Manic Monday


10x7" journal page: collage, spray paint, hand cut stencil, pen, rub-ons.

Last weekend played out so differently than the weekend before. Weird too is that I read that many of you also had rough creative weeks. The weekend before last was a mess of paint and frustration, and last weekend was a glorious painting spree of great page after great page. I am ready to journal the week away now and share it all with you!

I feel compelled to remind you all that if you don't have any already, you should buy a caseload of Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium. Using the liquid will not only extend the open time of your paints, but instead of using a big glop of expensive paint, you can use a few drops and add glazing liquid instead. Unhappy with some paint on a page? Use a paper towel or cloth to buff the glazing liquid into the paint to remove some of the paint you don't like! Want to make a glaze of color instead of leaving it opaque? Add a few drops of paint to a larger dollop of glazing liquid; instant glaze. Along with your primary colors, you certainly should have this in your paint cabinet.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! See you tomorrow!