This is a warning to all readers. Please take this post very seriously. I want to show you first hand what will happen if you embark on this crusade: Cut it out II: Stencils.


This is how it will start...a few innocent bottles of spray paint picked up here and there...


Then you acquire a stencil burning tool with your craft store coupon and you're off and running....and running.....and running.


The next thing you know, you will have been burning stencils for a month and you take out a small loan to buy really fancy spray paint in oh so delicious colors....and then you ignore everything around you and burn something like this:


The area in your garage, under your car, looks like this and your husband can't figure out why you're spending so much time in there:


The truth is, my friends, burning stencils is much more addictive than cutting rubber block; and I have it BAD.




I feel so good now that I have that off my chest! I no longer have to hide my two black fingers in shame...I can quietly peel stray paint off my fingernails in peace. If there is an organization for stencil cutting addiction, please nominate me for president.

I spray a little somethin somethin on just about every journal page now..I love the look of overspray and handwriting! You should give it a try...but don't say I didn't warn you.....

I'll wrap this up by should really try this. Michelle made a beautiful tutorial to get you started! Check it out here!