Before Photoshop


After Photoshop

How do you like my new look? I actually got a haircut this morning (just a trim and root touch up- the grays are at bay...and oh...can you please tell high school students and 20 year olds to take a look around before they start talking about how old they are? hit me that I am turning 37 in a few weeks pretty hard today..) and since the weather is taking a break today, I thought I would do some spring blog cleaning too.

I actually made the first banner and scanned it into the computer...I am proud to say my new banner is 100% digital. I am moving around CS3 pretty easily now...experimentation paid off (finally).

Thank you for all of your support during the last few days regarding my "no tag" notice up there.... I appreciate all of the times I have been tagged, but the truth is, I always feel like someone's feelings will get hurt on the return tag. This way, we can all be happy! See you soon!