More quick projects... (& the famous transfer tutorial)

Bouquetfront Bouquetback


Rosefront Roseback 

fronts: gel medium and/or acrylic ground for pastels transfers embellished with paint. backs: hand cut stencil + spray paint, acrylic, pen

Several of you asked for transfer tips yesterday convincing me that I could really host a 24 hour cable access television show regarding the subject! Behold, the most requested Lost Luggage tutorial of all time- Transfer How to - over on my "old" blog. Look around while you're over there...I divulge all of my most favorite tips and tricks. There are two "old blogs" for reviews and tutorials and one for art before Typepad.

If you have questions regarding the transfer process, please post them in the comments here. That way, I can answer for everyone to see!

By the way....have you checked out the GPP Street Team Crusade this month? It's all about cutting stencils like I have above and inhaling spray paint fumes. What are you waiting for? You know you want to.....

Thank you so much for stopping by today!! Have a great weekend!