Inside my secret garden...wherever that may be..


IF: Garden 6x9 journal page

I love to garden. I have not had the opportunity to grow very many things to eat or cook with, but I have a green thumb for sure and I think plants like me! Our old house had a low light back yard; not much sun at all. I was able to acquire plants from my best friend and family which flourished in the yard. Sadly, I had to leave most of them in the ground, and I miss them very much.

Of course one of the criteria of the new house is that it must have some full sun areas and room for me to plant. I hope that there is ample room for a fruit tree or two and a nice vegetable garden too! The best part of moving out from under the evil reign of "the association" is that I will be able to plant trees if there is room!

What's in your secret garden?