Sometimes I am so in love with a journal page, that I carry the book around with me for a few days from room to room and sit it down to look at it. Such as it is with this page. I made this page featuring a magazine transfer using Golden Acrylic Ground for Pastels as the transfer medium. I've also been using a lot of my all time favorite paint color: Napthol Red Light, also Golden. I really love the versatility of this paint! And boy howdy, that Acrylic Ground is a DREAM to write on! The typed text is from a Pearl Jam song and the writing is my usual journal jibber jabber.

We're gearing up for a big weekend in Luggageville! Lots of friends visiting and an action packed weekend! I can't wait! It was 78 degrees here today and totally perfect- makes me feel like I am on vacation...but I live here! See you soon, I've got another date with my journal today.