A long journey ends today...


What initially started as a way to learn about mixing paint ends today in a glorious (if I do say so myself) 111 page art journal. 111 pages ago I had just purchased my first Golden acrylics...it was fall of 2007 and our house was listed for sale. The "Color Binge" has been with me every day since then, through my brother's two cancer battles, the relocation to San Diego and my daughter's second birthday. The last page of the journal is left white so I can jot down the life events that took place during the making of this book.


page close-up using camera flash to show effects of interference oxide green paint

I am so happy I stuck with this project through thick and thin. When I look through the book, I realize that my style doesn't fully develop until about painting number 37...there is a ton of experimentation in the journal, but all worth it! It is a fun pastime of mine to look through the pages. I highly recommend this process to everyone!


Here are some things to consider if you want to start your own art journal:

  1. What kind of things will you be doing to your pages? I used a ton of water throughout my book. Make sure your paper can withstand what you envision.
  2. Everyone can journal! If you like my pages, I recently wrote a tutorial which you can find here. The tutorial takes you through one way to make a collage and acrylic background. Many of my online friends took the "tutorial"! Check out the list of participants, which I continue to update!
  3. Still need help? Here is a great book to jump start your process! For $6, you can get a used copy for your library..and the author tackles EVERY excuse and fear you can possible have about the process. I read it cover to cover!

The next journal is entitled, "The Living Room" and it is already underway! There really is no end in sight of living in the cramped apartment lifestyle at the moment, so journal I will! Thank you as always for all of your support and comments! You keep me going!

See you tomorrow for page one of "The Living Room" and the Great Pen Review!