9x6" journal page

I've been bitten by the stencil burning bug...and I have to tell you...I have it about as bad as I have the stamp carving bug at the moment.. how long can this new love affair last? I am very fickle...who knows.

You can buy a stencil burner/multi tool at your local craft shop (probably in the wood section) and make stencils out of about any plastic you have on hand...it's really fun. I imagine you can probably add a rudimentary tattoo to yourself with the burner as well...so there is great value there already!

Thanks for all your sympathy comments yesterday...my favorite comment was from Paula who mentioned she wanted to pinch me anyways....Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

More spray paint tomorrow; ciao!

edit: Stencil tutorial...plus watch the GPP Street Team blog for a new tutorial next month!

edit edit: Check out Belinda's stencil tutorial too!