Happy St. Patrick's Day.....I guess.


6x9" journal page; acrylic, hand carved stamp, paint pens.

I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…what a surprise…. I know.

I have horrid childhood memories associated with this holiday… The mandated apparel at St. Therese Academy was brown and white plaid. No green. Cool kids wore cute shamrock lapel pins and bright green ribbons in their hair... My hair was consistently a mess and my mother never gave me a stinkin’ shamrock pin, so I sat in bloody terror as classroom bullies threatened to pinch me. It’s no wonder I suck at math, can’t spell or read…I sat paralyzed in fear…once kids figured I was an easy pinch target, other terror tactics soon followed. Thus, my destiny- class nerd and social outcast; all because of that stupid shamrock pin.

See you tomorrow..