Cut it out- make your own stencil or stamp...sounds easy enough..except, one stamp easily becomes two stamps which become 5 stamps... I digress..


First I cut this "love" stamp using my handwriting as the guide. I love it. (Couldn't help myself...) This is the page in my journal I made with the "love" stamp.


That's when the cutting bug set in...I cut these...


...and then these; using them on this journal page. And theeeennnnnn after that, I am pretty sure that's when I got crazy-eyed and decided to cut this (I am not sure how I went from 1x2.5" blocks all the way to 4x6"...I should have built up more stamina first!):


I printed out that tree image and colored it in with charcoal pencil. Pressed the image onto the rubber and voila! Tree image, ready to cut. This one took about 2.5 hours to cut out..I have a nice, raw, calloused finger to prove it. Of course, I inked that one up for the journal too:


Head on over to the GPP Street Team blog and try this now. I insist. You'll love it too! Have a great weekend! I am going to rest my finger and I'll see you back bright and early Monday morning!