And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


I am getting back into the groove of everyday normalcy after such a surreal weekend with my friends. I love the opportunity to take paint classes. Just when I get settled into a routine with my paint and mediums, I get blown away by new tricks and ideas!

Goldencover_2Which brings me to this book I purchased over the weekend. Chris Cozen, Golden Working Artist, just released this gem! Regular readers of my blog know that I love Chris and I have taken several classes from her. Chris is not only knowledgeable (VERY knowledgeable) about the Golden product line, she is also an incredibly talented artist. Every class I have taken from Chris has been a fantastic experience!

The new book is a must read for anyone interested in acrylic paint. Chris expertly covers the reasons to select certain products for your work and explains how each product interacts on the page. The book is loaded with excellent pictures and instruction to make unique and beautiful art on a many different surfaces. But there is more...

The main reason I recommend this book is because the information can transcend into any project! This is not a book that tells you how to paint a birdhouse, paint a holiday banner, or specifically decorate a 4x4 mixed media vintage project. This is not a book in which you will tire of the projects and move onto a new book. This is a must have reference that will be useful time and time again! This book explains the properties of acrylic paint and mediums so that you can develop your skills.

If you are thinking about professional paint, buy this book and take it to the art supply store with you! This is an excellent book! Thank you, Chris!

EDIT: Click here to order the book online.