There are good times, and there are good times. I just had one of the best times of my life! I picked up my friend Kim on Friday afternoon. Kim flew into San Diego from the North Pole and spent the weekend with me at Casa de Luggage. I convinced Kim that she needed to come out as soon as possible when I caught word that it was like nine below freezing or something crazy like that where she lived. We had picture perfect weather all weekend....perfect for a whirlwind San Diego tour- mid seventies and beautiful!

We met up with our local friends, Andrea, Tami and Heather for 3 days of junk hunting, art supply shopping, book store lounging, more art supply shopping, eating, a Golden class taught by my most favoritist teacher ever- Chris Cozen, more junk hunting and just overall great fun. The ladies were so much FUN. That's all I can say. I am still in a swivel remembering everything we did; not to mention I need a vacation from the vacation...our bodies are sore, but man- did we have a BALL!


Chris Cozen just released her new book "Altered Surfaces" (review coming will be the first book I read as soon as I can read again) and it looks AMAZING! We signed up for a quick paperweight making class and were amazed to learn that the class also included fantastic painting techniques we can't live without! I don't want to speak out of turn here, but I think Kim and Tami are new "Golden Girls" now! (The background on the picture above was something I worked on in class.)


Here is my finished paperweight. Love it! It's hard to come back to reality after such a party all weekend. I am so happy to know that Kim genuinely enjoyed her first fish taco and really happy that everyone had such a fun time in class! Getting away from every day duties with a 2 year old is difficult (I have not done anything like this in over 2 years), so you can only imagine how fantastic it felt to get together with everyone, sit on the floor of the bookstore and flip through art books (I bought 4 this weekend!)

It's time to take a nap and catch up with your blogs! It feels great to get the batteries recharged! See you soon!