Behold my first digital collage. I know, I know...her feet are messed up and there is a chunk out of her coat, (don't we all have hurt feet and torn coats?) but besides that, I like her!

Did you buy it yet? It only comes out once a year...don't miss out!

I've been tinkering with my new CS3 for a month and a half now. Before that, I had PS Elements. I have been trying this and that, but never fully got a grasp of what was happening with that program until today. I know there are plenty of tutorials, but I need to have a book....and not a book written by rocket scientists to understand what is happening here. When I can see examples (and really great ones at that!) of art I like, and see how each artist applied these tools I have been stockpiling (brushes, backgrounds, free images, catalogue scans) it just clicks!

So there you have it. No formal training, I just read my new favorite magazine cover to cover and got to tinkering. By the way, that quote is from Yves Saint Laurent. Don't you love it?