Celebrate the Snow Queen and things wintery during the Polar Festival happening at one of my new favorite blogs, "Be...Dream...Play..."! Elizabeth is celebrating the bloglandia community by hosting this event! Get out your flocking spray and head on over!


For the party, I made a double page spread in the Color Binge. Pages are getting more challenging as I head towards the end of the book... I am happy that Elizabeth gave us this motivation! The top picture is what the spread looked like when I was finished the "first time"... but of course, not happy with my results, I had to cover and repaint. Burried in there is a menu from a fish restaurant and some of my beloved vintage ledger beginners spray painting efforts were a little too heavy. I wish you could make out more of the papers. That's me on my wedding day too.... oh, alight. You're not as easy as I thought...


Here is a small clip of the pages side by side. This journaling adventure has really helped me through a lot of recent hardship. I highly recommend the process.. you don't need a load of supplies to get started either. What are you waiting for? Visit this link to add your project!


Some of the steps I took in making the pages (in the order I took them): Light color wash on both pages (blue and pink); Dry brush white and buff paint here and there; add ephemera (doesn't have to be fancy...remember, I used a fish restaurant menu); add a touch of script stamp (I never ink the entire stamp..only a small part of the center); spray paint a little punchinella; all colored pencil scribbles; add artist crayon scribbles; stamp large text; add more scribbles with graphite (didn't want dark charcoal on this project); smudge evrything; add journal lines; journal.


I hope you enjoyed your visit to Luggage Land today! I am so excited to head back to Elizabeth's blog and read about all of the participants! Hope to see you there!