Happy new year to all of my Chinese friends and also to my friends who eat Chinese food! There is always room to celebrate here in Luggage Land, especially after yesterday's news. They're always thinking ahead over at Wednesday Stamper..this week's theme is "Asia".*

Yesterday's weather in San Diego was perfectly perfect, so I went on a small field trip. (Side note: When I was a kid calling my dad at work, -pre-cell phone- his secretary always told me "he's in the field"..I always pictured my dad in a wheat field...funny, he worked for the phone company. haha..I digress.)


No rats on the playground....I guess they didn't get the memo..


Patty Panda was in full drag....I guess she didn't get the memo either.. I didn't break it to her.


Nothing like spray painted dining...available year round.. Hey- aren't you looking for decorating ideas, PVD?

Hearts out to everyone in the wake of the terrible weather we see on TV! Stay safe!!

*ephemera painted with shades of red, justjohanna circle dot background, hand cut stencil/mask with spray paint, gold krylon pen.