Well, what do you know! I made something other than a journal page and nobody got hurt! This is an 8x10" gallery wrapped canvas I made for regular reader, Anna P, who is getting married. Married? Married. Sheesh. I was really nervous making this because Anna kindly informed me that her favorite colors were royal blue and kelly green.


I set up shop in the kitchen (you call this a kitchen?) and got to work last weekend. It took me a really long time to hammer this out... I might have been a little rusty at the get go, but it all came back to me after a while.


I used Golden fluid acrylics to paint the canvas, applied the vintage french text with gel medium, and scribbled out some charcoal Julification. I wrecked a white Stazon pad (come on...I never clean my stamps after each could you expect me to keep that stinkin' pad white in the first place?) and proceeded by brushing Titanium White (Golden) directly onto the stamp. After everything was finished, I covered the entire piece in natural beeswax and then buffed it.

I got the inspiration for this canvas from Lisa Kaus. I feel in love with Lisa several months ago when she had an article in Somerset magazine. Her art is really great, but I have never been able to afford any.

A lot of the trouble I had making this piece was because I was hopeful the entire time that it would hang in someone's house. Would it be something I would want hanging in my house? I am happy with it. But I was nervous that the groom may have preferred a more manly canvas. Wife can exercise presidential decorating veto, right?