Let's Journal! Part V {end}

There really isn't any right or wrong way to journal. Did you guess I was going to say that? I hope that by reading these last 4 days of lessons, you have come to the realization that in journaling, anything goes. There are no specific techniques to collage or paint. There are only things you can interpret to make your own. Making your journal "your own" is my favorite part of journaling.

In the Color Binge (Did you name your journal? For some reason I sat idle for a few days until I came up with a name for my journal. Color Binge seemed to fit as this volume was intended for exploration with paint.), I experimented with journaling daily occurences, poetry, song lyrics and me talking to myself when times got tough. I felt most comfortable writing inspirational messages and advice to myself and as I look back through what is an almost 120 page journal now, I find myself really enjoying reading those pages.

The most common denominator in my journal is that I like to make lines to write upon and I mostly print. No particular reason why, I just like the look of that combination. On some of my pages, the text takes up the entire page, and on other, there are only a few words. Some of the pages do not feature any writing at all; they merely feature printed text cut out from a book or printed on the computer. On a couple of pages, I stamped the text, another favorite that is growing on me.



click to enlarge photo (for Paula)

So, after all of the steps and all of the photos, this is my finished page. I hesitate to say 'finished' because a few weeks from now when I flip through the book again, I may add some more of something somewhere. I love the liberating feeling I get from working in this book. No rules to follow, nobody to listen to...only my heart.

How did you make out? I hope you enjoyed these tutorials! I had a great time (although time consuming and pressure ridden) writing them! I would love to hear about your experience with any of the steps and journaling in general! As I write the final post in this series, the Color Binge is nearing its full capacity and I am on the hunt for journal #2!

Excellent_2 From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Seth for giving me this award. Seth is the blog owner/author of the most fantastic and supportive altered art blog around! If you have not visited The Altered Page yet, do yourself a favor and click over and say hello today!

Furthermore, thank you to my friends Zorana, Kathy, Karen, Kim and Tami for linking to the tutorials from your blog. You guys are the best ever, and get the "Excellent Award" too!

Finally to all of the new friends I met during the tutorials (this is starting to sound like the Academy Awards...I hear the walk-off music playing now), I am so happy that you came by to visit! When you finish with your journal pages, please be sure to let me know! Post your pages on your blog so I can feature them over here for everyone to see! And by the way, I think you're ALL Excellent!

Thanks for coming along for the ride! I hope to see you again soon!

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