It is the most beautiful day here today! We're in the low 70's and the sky looks like someone up there photo-shopped it! (Genuine sky color below.)


A note to my friends who use Blogger. Did you know that blog authors using Typepad , Wordpress or any other "non-blogger" interface can't post comments on your blogs unless you allow them to? It's a simple click:


By allowing "registered users" to comment on your blog, you will be able to receive more comments from people who blog with services other than Blogger. I try and leave comments with everyone who visits, but since I do not activate my blogger account any longer, it's hard for me to visit. (Edit:  Selecting "anyone" is also helpful, but this option will also allow users to post anonymous comments on your blog.)

I hope you're enjoying my journal tutorial this week! I'm making a lot of pages, I can't wait to share them once the tutorial is finished. Have a great afternoon!