There she is. One leg of Luggage. Gracefully bandaged up after the "procedure" that took place yesterday afternoon. Lots of stitches going on under there..I'm too chicken to look at the moment. Found out I am "high risk" for melanoma...and much to my surprise, melanoma can occur where the "sun don't shine". Using sunscreen is not enough anymore, be sure to get your check-ups! Me? I'm in every 6 months for the rest of my life now. Naked. Ugh.


Just when things were going from bad to worse, this gem of a newsletter showed up in the mail! I think everyone knows I am a huge fan of everything "Golden" (ha- get the jewelry business rererence? Note to self- if I have to ask if you get any of the jokes, they're not good jokes. Where was I....) You can read about my past love affairs of everything Golden here, here ,here and here.


I read last week about these new mediums...Look at these samples!! Mama Mia! I've got to get my hands on every single black and white jar! Do you see what's going there? My favorite paint company is making it possible to print ink-jet images on a variety of never-before-able-to-in-an-art-worthy-fashion surfaces! They look fantastic! Whoa whoa whoa!


No...I am not published in here...but it sure cheers me up when it arrives! Now that I have to take it easy and not walk or stand around, it will be alot easier with all of this eye candy!


Finally, the Daily Color Binge page. All of my other pages have my doctored up "journal handwriting" on them. Did you actually think I wrote daily correspondence using that serial killer large printing? This page is my real case you want to send it off to get analyzed. :wink:

Thank you all so much for your continued visits and comments on my pages! It really means so much to me. See you tomorrow!

PS- I almost forgot! I am going to start off a new journal making page tutorial next week! We'll explore the techniques I use to  make my pages, step by step. There is no wrong or right way to making a page, but hopefully I can inspire you to start an art journal! I never know what supplies I am going to use on my pages, and you really can use anything you want, but we'll for sure be using: a sheet of paper that can take water (watercolor paper, heavy cardstock, etc.) scraps of paper (pattern scrapbook paper, junk mail, old book pages, etc.), a glue stick, background stamps, stazon ink, colored pencils, acrylic paint (a few coordinating colors..or white and a color..)and whatever other embellishments you like. The tutorials will be FREE! Just tune in and enjoy! Class starts Monday- I'd love to see you here!