Sneak peeks for next week...







I've been having a journaling fest so far this weekend! I guess the planets must be in some sort of special alignment (Cat? Is something going on astrologically? Let me know.) because it's the kind of journaling fest where I can't stop staring at the pages I made...I'm in love with them!

Since I post the pages via scanner, I thought I would take some macro close-ups to showcase some of the details.. the Binge is so swollen these days, it is very hard to get a good scan. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge.

Detail 'A' is a page I made using scrapbook paper and spray paint; Shot 'B' showcases a lot of gesso as well as Mr. Luggage's birthday fortune. In 'C' you'll be happy to know the birds are back! I also used a lot of artist crayons..something I would like to incorporate more into the pages before the book is finished. 'D' is the sister page to 'C'- I've come to realize that I really enjoy double themed pages..they're easier on the eyes and nice to work with. Another "set", pages 'E' and 'F' may be my best backgrounds ever! Lots of charcoal, ledger paper from 1895, french text and justjohanna images. (No shimmer on these may notice a sheen caused by the camera flash on the non-flat paint.) Hooray! I can't wait to show you the pages when they are finished!

Thank you so much for coming by!!!