Lazy day in the sun...


Yesterday was another great day in America's finest city.. I wonder if everyone in the country knows that San Diego is America's Finest City...San Diegans call San Diego "America's Finest City"..but do cities everywhere use this title as well? Well, it was in the low 70's yesterday...clear as a bell with a gentle breeze...I don't think it gets much "finer" than that. (Can you tell I am happy to be back home??)


No...we're not on fire... Mr. Luggage told me I should lay low with the arson references on the driveway..I was thinking about people burning money..not wood.

I spent the weekend doing a whole lot of nothing... no work on the Color Binge..just a lot of cruising the Polar Festival blogs. That was a great party! I met a lot of new friends! I also decided that there must be a huge party in Luggage Land once we move into the new house..whenever that is..stay tuned!

Valentine's are in the mail...time to crack the Color Binge back open. Have a great week!