I found some new birds to use in my art journal. Somewhere I purchased a vintage bird watching book..these came from the center. I like that they are more realistic than the last birds I tortured you with.


During my hiatus earlier this week, I had a quick visit to the Container Store. I only needed a gift box, but I ran into this beautiful wrapping paper! The price was a little steep ($4.99) but the roll was so pretty and it also felt nice and heavy, so I bought a roll. I am gald I didn't buy 5-6 rolls, because when I opened the paper when I got home, I noticed the fine print: there were only 2 sheets in the roll. Boo. I am savoring every square inch of the paper though. I glued some scraps into today's page. I love this paper!


Did we talk about these pens already? This is my usual writing instrument these days. A few days ago, Elizabeth had the most beautifully written journal page on her blog. I recognized I could never get that beautiful of handwriting on my pages using these pens, so I started the hunt for a new writing instrument. Elizabeth suggested a quill pen and Higgins ink.


Homerun. I was skeptical about this pen and ink because I had tried calligraphy pens before without any luck. This ink is different. It takes to coated papers like a champ! And it's cheap too! Unlike my recently purchased yasutomo pen, the quill pen holds enough ink to write a sentence or two! I couldn't believe it. Thanks, so much for suggesting this, EB!


Finally, this is the set that is collecting dust in my supply box at the moment. A good value for the money, the nibs on this set are weird and flexible. Hard to explain. Maybe if you've tried this set, you know what I mean. The ink is very different too.. transluscent..not as black as I like it. Buy the cheap pen I pictured above.

I think that about covers everything for today, friends. I am not very excited about Super Bowl this year because of the living situation. It will be a really small party this year. Really small. Hopefully next year we'll be back to our usual party selves! Have a great weekend!