Scent of the Season: GPP Crusade 26

Crusade 26


This one is pretty straight forward...make a journal page including your favorite I kill.

I don't wear perfume...I buy totally unscented products except for one thing: I am addicted to that orange cranberry holiday scent from illuminations. Their candles are pricey...but well worth it to my sensitive sniffer. I've smelt (wrong subject)...smelled? every cranberry orange candle there is...and almost all of them make my eyes water except this one. My delicate nostrils (you wouldn't think they were so delicate by looking at the size of I have the unmistakable Italian nose bump...) send a signal to my brain to sound the migraine alarm almost instantly when I catch a whiff of the imposters.. So there you have it. When we have lunch....don't pour on the parfum por favor.

You have not participated in the crusades yet???? Sheesh...what are you waiting for?

Note: Thanks for the emails regarding yesterday's f-18 crash in San Diego...we are fine but my prayers go out to the families who were affected.. Terrible tragedy.