December 8th, and I feel great!


There are major cut backs at our house this year....they are economy driven, but even if the economy were to turn around tomorrow, I don't think I would change a thing!


The Christmas card list has been dramatically cut...those receiving cards are receiving recycled designs of Christmas past... the few "handmade" recipients will receive cards like these...which I am proud to say that I used only "on hand" materials to make.. I was nervous because there are not (and you know I hate making cards..) loads of materials hanging around my house... I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pull off a non-traditional card...I did it.


I'm not Christmas shopping...I'm not standing in lines...I have cut that list too and explained to the family that we are "lean" this year. I bought Kate two used presents..that's it. Grandma and great grandma each purchased a present for I think 4 presents is a good number. I am so happy about this..when initially I thought we would be miserable spending less, I am relieved. No presents for my husband and I...we're just happy watching Kate run amuck with the neighbor kids.. which brings me to what happened in here yesterday. Craft storm.

The ages were 8,8,6,5,3..all girls. Because I was doing my best at procrastinating making the holiday cards, I quickly asked the two older girls if they wanted to make ornaments. (Anything to keep me away from the dreaded holiday cards!) Yes! They sat down for about an hour and made really cute ornaments for their trees...glitter, paper, glue..they had a ball. When the "jr" group was up, I gave them ugly 25 cent notebooks and they collaged new covers for them...added buttons, glitter, was awesome. I had a ball teaching all day! We're gearing up for adult workshops in the Casa de Luggage...that's the pool...stay tuned.


So that was the weekend! Oh..we managed the Luggage holiday install and Kate's first go on skates too...what a weekend.. I hope you had fun too!