One year with TypePad...

Wow. Time flies when you're having fun! I wouldn't change a minute of my past year's blogging experience. I appreciate all of the artists who have graciously left comments on my blog this year and especially appreciate the dialogue that has come from artists who have equally as graciously responded to my comments and emails to them! You have made this a wonderful blog year for me.

I'm in the middle of adding julification to a bunch of journal how about a recap of what I consider to be my greatest hits of 2008?

One of the ways you can make a multi-layered journal page with acrylic paint. This continues to be one of my most heavily visited blog posts.

Embrace change

original art still for sale, folks....made on gallery wood panels, ready to hang.

How about the time when I tried all of the pens on all sorts of different surfaces for you? Print out the great pen review for your purse when shopping!

Oh and then there was the time when I showed you how to save time and make a feed list? Those were the days!... By the way...please don't limit the information you allow for feeds...what a pain in the ass.. also you should also know that those of us using RSS to read your blog see everything on a white background. Whilst your pastel writing may look cool on the colored background on your blog, we can't see it...

edit: Hey JeriAnn- there was a photoshop brush tutorial in 2008!



I feel lucky to know you...and feel even luckier that I have this platform to meet more of you as we continue artfully into 2009!