From Sea to Shining See...


The sun setting on the Pacific... JeriAnn and I exchanged emails about the differences between winters over the Atlantic Ocean compared to winters on the Pacific Ocean. We decided to see if we could spot differences via a little photo journalism experiment. Join us, won't you? You won't even need air fair...


Our treat the night before the trip to the coast...a beautiful sunset through the clouds...a storm was heading our way..


My child hood hang I can feel the sand on that sidewalk under my bare feet taking me straight for delicious tacos...blonde, tan surfers hanging out here and there..Never was there a time for asking mom to drop us off at the was always the beach.


  Fire pits were more common once we were older...a sign of the times, these are all being removed this week as a result of budget cuts throughout the city.


My husband moved to San Diego because he thought it was just like "Baywatch"...I won't lie...many times the girls and I sat near the tower hoping to catch the eye of a good looking lifeguard.


 Off season....


Site of many a hike with my friend Shari...all the way out to the end...hopping from rock to rock..climbing.



Off season for beachgoers....but the surf never stops.


My daughter had a lot of fun watching the surfers this day.. No heavy coats required, it was about 60 degrees.


From this vantage point it seemed we could run all the way to La Jolla..


I'll never get tired of this beach...


The second beach day was windy...high surf and ugly surf brought out the kites. It was so windy, when these guys (and girls) were loading up on the beach, some of them had a hard time staying put!




I never liked it stuck to my hands either...especially with a lap full of rolled tacos to eat.

Thanks for joining me on my beach tour of San head over the JeriAnn's tour of the east coast!

edit: Show us your beach! Leave me a comment and a link to your winter beach photos and we can continue our beach tour!