Clear and windy....54 degrees.


We drove to Julian yesterday for lunch and a walk around the town.. It was really windy and cool. Compared to 80 degrees at the house, Julian was a brisk 54 around noon. Had a nice little home cooked lunch and walked in and around the shops for a while. Truth be told, I was freezing. Most of my friends know I have a strict policy: I don't go outside if it is less than 60 degrees.

Friends posting pictures of beautiful fall husband and I were in awe at the number of burnt trees...a vivid reminder of where we live and what can happen during dry, windy conditions. This area burned very, very badly in 2003.

I have acquired a blackberry and am smitten with text messaging...There is a link to my Twitter on the left. I'm new at this, but you can follow my "tweets".. Coupled with all of my new found friends on facebook, there is so much catching up to do! Really in awe with all this technology.

Have a great weekend...I'm hoping for some fun time this weekend. Cheers!