GPP Street Team: Crusade 25- Gesso


All sorts of gesso experimentation...on the envelope above, I not only stamped the foam stamps in gesso, I also used a paint brush to paint a sloppy border.


Here are the same foam stamps (above) with acrylic paint applied after the gesso was dry. Gesso resisted the paint.


Here's another one: Paint under gesso, gesso and then paint glaze applied over the top.. I scratched into the top layer of the paint.


Finally, journal pages awaiting julification. Black gesso resist on the left and white gesso resist on the right.

Think about it: Before you grab that bottle of gesso for surface prep, remember the cool looks you can make in your backgrounds by using it as a resist! Gesso. It aint just for canvas prep anymore!

Stop by the GPP Blog to see all the other gess-o-fied artwork this month! I know you have some gesso collecting dust in your closet...remember? You bought it with your coupon a few months ago. Anyone can join in on the Street Team fun...and talk about a supportive group of'll have a great time! You can mark my word on that.

Crusade 25