About the faux Thanksgiving we shared...


This should do it for the bird period of 2008... Once this painting is complete, I am going to focus on making a serious mess. I'll show you the finished product in a day or so.

The Costco turkey cooker cooked the turkey to the most beautiful shade of perfect golden brown I have ever seen! It was so succulent...I don't think I have ever mentioned the word 'succulent' on the blog before... Our friends prepared the most delicious traditional side dishes and everything was really lovely! That turkey was really, really good. Cooked to perfection!

Some of you have expressed concern over my celebrating the holiday "festivus". Rest assured, there were no airing of grievances, nor feats of strength at the dinner on Monday night... The reference was merely a nod to one of the most hilarious Seinfeld episodes ever.

If you have not checked out Eddie Ross’ blog yet, do yourself a favor! Eddie is a wealth of fabulous design inspiration.. I look forward to his posts every day.

Until next time...

edit: look at the bird!