Nice and Easy.

The invitations


Sometimes being creative can get you sucked into big elaborate production numbers when all you really need is simple and elegant. Take these invitations for example... Anna mentioned she wanted to come over to  make invitations using rubber stamping... Once I saw the font styles and the text she chose, I had a more simple idea.

Tool shot copy

Use your best cardstock and your printer. I chose a pearlized cardstock I have mentioned before. Since the paper has almost a coated feel, the ink dried slowly. As soon as the paper comes out of the machine, sprinkle embossing powder onto the wet ink. Heat gun...voila! These invitations looks like they came from the printer's office and cost a million bucks! To wow each recipient, we added a sheet of vellum with each envelope.

We had a fun, relaxing weekend! Saturday's studio rental produced a 19 page scrapbook bound with the Zutter... and even though she was extremely hesitant, I convinced Kim that spray painted stencils on the front and back cover would be appropriate. That's right...she loved it.