Something about yesterday....


 First there was a journal page...



...then there was a close-up of this guys lots of clicking...

Discovertruth copy end up with the final product. Remember I said there were so many possibilities?


 A close-up cropped section of this guy is my banner background!

I can't offer you a photoshop tutorial because, truth be told, if I had to recreate yesterday's art from scratch, I probably wouldn't be able to exactly match it. There is so much you can play with and adjust, my best advice to you is to open up your photo editing program and PLAY. (Oddly enough, that was the same advice given to me at the I pulled my hair out and emailed for desperate help from fellow artists.) Like journaling...there is no right or wrong way to do it.

What else? You should splurge and get the premier issue of Digital Studio. It's an annual publication. So many light bulbs went off when I read this beauty...I still refer to it! One more thing...I'm a huge fan of anything Ree. Put her photo blog in your feed list...her tutorials on photoshop won't teach you (at least not so far) mixed media digital journaling, but you can follow along and get familiar with tips and tricks to add to your artwork later.

Start building your image's a new way of thinking for me and el camera.. it took some work at first, but in everyday activities I am not only looking for complete shots but "parts" that can be used later too! Save your images in large file're gonna to need a bigger boat.

Photoshop can be intimidating at first...but like anything you desire to be good at, it takes practice and focus to learn the ropes. You don't need the big fat fancy version...there are so many other programs you can try too..why not give it a shot today?