Is today "the" rainy day?

Black and white birds

nature study - 2008


What I am thinking about today:

The bailout will not help YOU. You need to help yourself. Stop using the financial situation as a crutch for your personal shortfall. (I told you those $5 coffees would hurt you in the long run...)

I found a friend from high school.

I'm not as cool as Lisa Hoffman...but since I read her blog, I feel like I have moved up a notch.

This is what I dream about these days.

I wonder how many readers I just lost....

The covers

Have a good weekend! I'm booked helping friends with various art projects... Thanksgiving invitations, a framed keepsake and some sort of small scrapbook. It makes me feel over the moon that my friends call me and ask for my help with their arts and craps.

Oh...the books should be in the shop tomorrow....I'll post a quick update here to let you know when. Ciao!