Look out


I love this for several reasons. I found it Saturday while looking around in my grandmother's basement.

First of all, it was my grandfathers...and he was really cute. This is a "title board". It is what you would use to add titles to your home movies long ago. I really like that this lay undisturbed for 65 years.. I also love that I found it at the same time of year it was last used. And the language...it doesn't say "Happy Halloween" or "boo"... "Look out". Awesome.

Look out inside


All of the letters are here...mint condition. I need to get my hands on their film projector and see where else I can spot the title board.

My mother sent me the link to yesterday's film interlude. Did you watch it? I am ready to receive your online reports. The cinametography is excellent...great web find no matter what language you speak.

Enjoy your week- I started painting in one of my own hand sewn journals over the weekend... I'm a convert. Never buying a journal again...and if I do say so myself, I made a pretty fantastic set of books!