Mr. Sandman....bring me a dream........

The paper 

On a recent trip to my holy land, I took the plunge and splurged on some $8/sheet beeyoutiful paper from Japan...

The paper 2

I stood at the paper display for over 20 minutes making my selection (in my head)...the sales associates frequently asked me if I was okay (alright...I'll admit...I may have glazed over while standing there so long) and what I was planning on making with the paper. When I replied that I was going to tear it up and slop paint all over it, I saw some of them get nervous...but we had a good time. The texture and feel of this paper is AMAZING.

In process 

I knew my purpose. Head immediatly to favorite art store and ask for paper similar in texture to the Japanese paper... make something special with it. They "get me" there....the dude took me immediately to what I asked for... Something similar to Sumi papers...perfect.

Whole package 

See them?

Book pile 

Handpainted.. Hand sewn..journals! I love them and will be featuring them in the shop as quickly as I can make them.


Beautiful Fabriano paper, suitable for Julification and lots of water... German linen book tape..linen thread...and original, front and back painted art. In the famous words of Ina Garten, "What could be so bad about that?"

Thank you for all your comments yesterday! I was pretty tired, so I didn't take the time to respond to each one as I usually do..but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you!