Inspiration from LA and TX


So I've been totally addicted to two blogs the past few months: Dispatch from LA and River Bend Ranch. I mean, honestly, my pulse heats up when I see either of these feeds come in! I am so in love, that if I were a journal, I would marry both of these journals! (You can say that in your best Pee Wee Herman voice.)

PVD and MA make the most glorious stencil pages that I decided to try one. Now, ideally, the page would have been made with spray paint (frowned upon in the apartment complex)..I had to use a paint brush. I took out the mid tones on a picture of the Carry-On and got to cuttin'. It's a little rough..especially with the clown mouth I gave her, but I like the effect so much! I also recently read an article (Somerset, I think) about making your art more personal; I don't know what could be more personal than a stencil made from someone you know!

I'll certainly try this again, I reckon!