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Weird mood on this page, I think.

I had some shock and awe yesterday afternoon. I received a question regarding the white pen I use in the Color Binge. Helpful as I am, I went to Dick's website to send the reader a link so she would know exactly what pen I was using. Much to my absolute horror (I am still recovering) the Sharpie Water-based poster paint pens will no longer be carried through Blicks! I promptly went over to Misterart and ordered everything I could get my hands on. I feel better knowing I have a supply now...but what will I do when those run out??? I have to say I am not a fan of PITT artist pens anymore. Call it my "hand", but I end up wrecking them only after a couple of uses. I guess I press on the tips too hard. Crimany..I just re-read this..I need to get out more! Adios muchachos....hasta manana.